Aurora Blu

Aurora Blu Golden Shower

De Sade Club 3-1 “First Shower” starring Aurora Blu

Bending Aurora Blu over the sink Prof Harry Grey fucks her before she steps into the tub. There she pisses into a bowl, gets an inflatable enema bulb up her ass and a piss enema with her own urine. Aurora squats down in the shower and receives a gentle, warm shower down her face, over her chest, tits and body. She seems a bit humiliated from the shower. But then she takes a slow, erotic, soapy shower turning from a humiliated slut into a sensual, erotic Queen. Stepping out of the shower, Harry dries her off, leans her onto the wall to fondle and finger her. As she moans Harry gives her four good hard spanks just so she knows her place.

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De Sade Club 3-2 “First Anal” starring Aurora Blu

Prof Harry Grey leads Aurora Blu into the bedroom, bends her over the bed and fucks her before making her submit to a collar as well as wrist and ankle cuffs. Pushing Aurora down on her hands and knees Harry sticks her arms through her legs and hooks her wrists to her ankles. Then just for the humiliation he fucks her with his big toe. Standing up Aurora bends over the bed to get fucked once more before Harry lubes his cock and shoves it up her ass. Thrusting in and out the pain is evident on Aurora’s face until finally Harry switches to her cunt. But he adds a sharp paddling for more pain. New postions, more paddling then flogging pushes Aurora deep into the pleasure pain paradox. Finally as she lay on her stomach with Harry behind fucking and flogging her Harry’s passion reaches a peak and he drops a load of cum that drips out of her cunt and down her anus.

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De Sade Club 3-3 “Edge Play” starring Aurora Blu

From Master Bath to Master Bedroom Aurora Blu is now led by Prof Harry Grey into a dungeon area. Her wrist cuffs are hooked to ropes and her arms pulled overhead. Briefly fondling and caressing her before ripping open her stockings Harry fingers her clit and cunt. Aurora moans and whimpers but is not allowed to climax. Using two brushes and a feather duster Aurora becomes so sensitive that light touches provoke gasps and quiet squeals as she near begs for relief. Kneeling under Aurora her legs begin to tremble as Harry licks her clit and tongue fucks her. With a Hitachi vibrator Harry teases Aurora by touching her clit briefly then pulling back. Aurora’s desire peaks as she lifts herself off the ground raising and spreading her legs before a massive climax with her first ever squirting orgasm. Harry finishes by bending her over a bench and leaving a creampie in her cunt.

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De Sade Club 3-4 “Bedroom Pleasure” starring Aurora Blu

From Dungeon area back to the Master Bedroom for the final exam. Prof Harry Grey sits on the bed and instructs Aurora Blu to kneel in front of him and suck his cock. Wanting to rest a bit more Harry lays on the bed on his back and tells Aurora ride him cowgirl style. He fondles her tits as she rides like a rodeo star. Rested once more Harry has Aurora bend over the bed so he can fuck her before having her turn and sit on the bed herself. Then Harry gets on his knees and goes down on Aurora using his tongue to great effect licking and sucking her clitoris and tongue fucking her cunt. This elicits multiple orgasms from Aurora. But Harry is eager for more so he stands up once again and fucks Aurora in a standing missionary style until his desire rises to the moment and he deposits his cum load deep inside Aurora’s cunt.

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