Behavior Modification

Sarah Lace Anal Vibes

Behavior Modification 1-1 “Anal Vibes” starring  Sarah Lace

Sarah is a disobedient wife whose behavior must be “modified”. Wearing leather cuffs she is hung on a door where she’s fondled, fingered, paddled, and flogged until her legs quiver from the pleasure and pain. When laid on the bed her cunt is licked and sucked while nipple clips are tightened, twisted and pulled as Sarah grimaces in pain. Her ass gets fucked hard and her tits flogged. A vibrator is shoved up her ass and she is fucked at the same time. Then cock and vibrator swap ass for cunt a few times. Finally, at the end she’s paddled until her lovely firm ass is cherry red. Just for fun.

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Behavior Modification 1-2 “Tied Down” starring  Sarah Lace

Halfway through her “Behavior Mod” training Sarah lays on a bed and is tied down with a rope snaked through her wrist cuffs and collar. A second rope is used to tie her ankle cuffs. A vibrator is shoved in her cunt while her ass and back are flogged. Then it’s pulled out of her cunt and shoved up her ass so she can get fucked and flogged at the same time as she gets a toy DP. Then the vibrator gets switched back to her cunt while her ass gets pounded hard. And she continues to get flogged with even more vicious devices leaving delicious red streaks everywhere. When her training is finished she gets a couple of good, hard spanks just so she knows her place.

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Behavior Modification 2 “MILF Training” starring Laci Luvcox

Laci Luvcox is a tall, attractive MILF whose husband is unhappy. He enlists two “trainers”, Bryce Masters and Harry Grey to modify her behavior. They put Laci in wrist and ankle cuffs then hang her on a rack where she is punished with flogging and paddling intermixed with fingering and fondling. From the rack Laci gets bent over the couch to be fucked and flogged doggy style. Again she’s returned to the rack this time to get her tits flogged. Finally, back to the couch to be fingered, fondled and fucked to such a climax she twitches and jerks and slips onto the floor.

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