Christy Love


“Rope Tied” starring Christy Love

This is a “BTS” video – behind the scenes. Christy Love wanted to experience the sensation of being tied up by an expert rigger. The video showcases two different ties. The first, “Arm Binder” ties Christy’s arms behind her and pulls – binds – them together. The second tie, “Diamond” creates a diamond pattern on her chest. The beauty of both is how vulnerable they leave Christy to any kind of erotic mischief. It’s highly erotic to watch a beautiful, naked, woman being tied up and left submissive and vulmerable. The imagination reels. Oh, and check out the bruises on her ass. Lovely.

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“Rendezvous With Love” starring Christy Love

Playing on her name this is the story of two people who long loved each other but never consummated their affections until now. Harry Grey plays Godfather to Christy Love’s Goddaughter. Slowly undressing Christy, Harry is excited to fulfill his desires. A naked Christy kneels and gives Harry a blowjob before lying on the bed to get fucked. Switching positions, Harry lies back while Christy does a reverse anal cowgirl fucking. Turning again Christy lies back while Harry fucks her standing missionary style before he kneels and enjoys going down on her. Standing again Harry fucks her hard then leaves a vaginal creampie. After a restful pause, Harry ties Christy’s wrists to her ankles so he can fuck and flog her for a bit. He finishes up the visit with Christy on her stomach in a lazy dog position while he fucks her cunt and then finishes with a long, lovely, anal fuck of his beautiful Goddaughter.

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De Sade Club 2-1 “First BDSM” starring Christy Love

To join the De Sade Club Christy must take the entry test. Her wrists are bound, hooked to ropes and pulled overhead. Punishment begins with the sting of a flogger and then a strap. Bent over a bench Christy is fucked cunt and ass and flogged as well. With arms raised overhead once more the flogger and strap are used to sting her all over: back and ass then belly, pubic area, and inner thighs. As a vibrator sends pleasure throbbing through her, Christy cries out as the strap interrupts with sharp stings. Sweat glistens over her as she hangs limp from multiple orgasms and painful spankings both. Her day ends with ass and cunt fucking that leaves a lovely vaginal cream pie.

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Christy Love Golden Shower

De Sade Club 2-2 “First Shower” starring Christy Love

Her next De Sade Club test has Christy bent over a sink being fucked by Prof Harry Grey. Kneeling down she gags as a cock fills her throat. Bent over the sink again an inflatable enema kit is shoved up her ass and a water enema fills her bowels. With water and bulb inside her, Harry fucks her hard raising the rectal pressure. Moving to the shower she kneels and removes the kit. As she kneels on the shower floor Christy lifts her head and receives a gentle, warm shower on her face, over her mouth and down her body. A blowjob follows then she stands, turns around and is fucked once more. Last, Christy takes a slow, erotic shower and cleans herself.

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De Sade Club 2-3 “Bedroom Joy” starring Christy Love

The final test for Christy starts in a bedroom. She begins playing with a pink anal plug then picks up a large rabbit style vibrator. She inserts the head into her vagina, presses the rabbit ears against her clitoris and begins an erotic masturbation leading to a full-on, body twitching, legs jerking climax pulsing through her whole body. As Christy continues to pleasure herself Harry first fucks her face then moves down to lick her cunt and suck on her clitoris before standing up to fuck her. As his passion grows Harry fucks her harder until he explodes inside her cunt. Pulling back releases a vivid stream of semen to dribble down her cunt and over her anus.

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