“Shower Compilation Vs4”    May 2019 Release

Watch “Chanel, Lexi, Christy, Aurora, Mallory, Amelia, Kingsley, Abby and Mel” in the De Sade Club series. In that series they all engage in a variety of sex acts including rough sex, anal sex, fingering, spanking, blow jobs and more. The actresses are also subjected to degrading humiliation by receiving a golden shower and an enema – often a piss enema. They also clean up the resulting mess like a good slut should. In contrast to this extreme humiliation each actress is allowed to transform from a humiliated, submissive slut to a beautiful, erotic queen. This is a video of each girl’s transformation through the power of a cleansing shower displaying all their charms.

The showers highlight the natural beauty of each girl as they fondle and caress their bodies to effect the transformation from degraded sluts into erotic queens. Similar to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly these girls rise from pissed on submissive to sensual, erotic queen. Over 58 minutes as 9 beautiful girls slow dance in an erotic shower. If you like beautiful women caressing and fondling themselves in a sensual shower this is a must see video.

Current Shower Videos

Chanel Skye in “Chanel Gets A Shower”

Lexi Lore in “ The De Sade Club 1-3 First Shower”

Christy Love in “The De Sade Club 2-2 First Shower”

Aurora Blu in “The De Sade Club 3-1 First Shower”

Mallory Maneater in “The De Sade Club 4-2 Shower Time”

Amelia Dire in “The De Sade Club 4-2 Shower Time”

Abby Marie in “The De Sade Club 5-2 Shower Time”

Kingsley in “The De Sade Club 5-2 Shower Time”

Mel Tina in “The De Sade Club 7-1 Shower Time”

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Professor and Coeds 2-0 “Blowjobs” starring Lexi Lore

In this short video, Lexi Lore’s considerable oral skills are highlighted. First with Prof Eric John and his huge cock and later pleasuring Prof Harry Grey as well. But Lexi always does more than just suck Eric’s cock or any cock. She cradles it in her hands, licks it slowly up and down, gently caresses it sliding her hands up and down the long shaft. Lexi is fairly in love with Eric’s cock. Her wet lips provide lubrication while her hands are all over his cock and balls. Lexi doesn’t just suck Eric’s cock, Lexi makes love to Eric’s cock. It. Is. Awesome.

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