Dee Silver


“Dee Silver in Black” starring Dee Silver

A sexy flogging video starring the beautiful, 40 year old MILF, Dee Silver. Dee enters the dungeon area wearing thigh high leather boots and tiny black leather panties that show off her tight, firm body. Standing under the suspension rig, Harry Grey attaches wrist cuffs then pulls her arms taut. He begins to fondle and flog her at will. Dee’s petite body twitching and jerking as his leather flogger stings her tits, ass and back alike. Twisting and turning in the suspension rig Dee struggles but can’t get away from the pain of the flogging. Dee’s painful struggles are well evident as she is repeatedly flogged all over her body. The video ends with Dee complaining as she receives a hard, painful paddling on her naked ass. This is a very erotic video highlighting the struggles of a woman in pain.

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“Dee Silver in White” starring Dee Silver

Wearing tight white shorts and thigh high, white stockings Dee is held in the grip of the suspension rig. There Harry Grey flogs her repeatedly all over her lithe, petite body. Twisting and turning in the suspension rig she is stung over and over without mercy. Her only pleasure comes from deep French kissing and aggressive cunt fondling. After much painful flogging Dee is moved to the hood of a car. Lying on the hood, with her legs spread wide Dee is yanked down to the front of the car and fucked hard by Harry Grey. Eventually he lifts her legs up and back so he can fuck her in the ass just to fill all her holes. But it’s not enough. The old man flips her over, grabs her hair and fucks her as hard as he can as Dee moans in pleasure.

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“Dee Silver Flogged” starring Dee Silver

This is one of Harry Grey’s first videos. And a sentimental favorite. The only sex is some fingering but that’s because Harry fucked Dee for an hour and a half before filming the flogging. In the video a beautiful MILF, 40 year old Dee Silver allows Harry to give her an erotic, sensual and very painful flogging. Watch as Dee repeatedly resumes her position ready for more flogging even as the pain causes her to writhe, twist and turn away. Her firm, tight ass gets stung over and over by suede and leather floggers accompanied by the thwack of the paddle. The flogging goes up and down her back. Twisting, turning against the pain Dee’s only pleasure is a brief respite of finger fucking as Harry takes his pleasure from her pain. A truly sensual, erotic flogging of the beautiful Dee Silver.

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