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“Performance Art BDSM” starring Little Red and Autumn Sorrow

This is a piece of performance art with Autumn Sorrow, dominant and Little Red, submissive. Little Red is a submissive masochist while Autumn Sorrow is a dominant sadist. Between the two of them a delicious dance of BDSM art transpires. Autumn cuffs Red to a rack and proceeds to use a wide variety of tools from floggers to paddles to canes to punish Reds ample curves. Autumn also employs a series of nasty toys including the wicked prick of the “evil stick” that leaves little bloody marks everywhere and a surgical stapler just to add a touch of whimsy. Different devices, shifting tempo and intensity, pleasure and pain all intermix in a delicious dance of BDSM performance art.

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“1000 Stroke Challenge” starring Pantrixxx

Pantrixxx, a porn star from yesterday is making her comeback by accepting the 1000 Stroke Challenge. To win the game she must endure 1000 strokes with different instruments and over all parts of her body. Hand spanking, paddling, flogging all employed to great effect as her ass first glows pink then to a rosy hue and on to a deep burgundy red with grape purple in the center. Bright red welts streak across her cheeks testifying to the intensity of the strokes. Her back and shoulders dont’ escape the wrath of the flogger either. While pleasure is given with fingering and fondling it isn’t enough to overcome the pain. Even the pleasure from being fucked in her cunt and ass is not enough. But Pantrixxx holds on through until her tits are flogged. That pain is too much and no amount of fondling is enough. Pantrixxx quits the game not quite halfway done but having given great good effort. A worthy try from a lovely lady. 
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Father Son Slut 1-1 “Couch DP” starring Sandra Luberc

Sandra Luberc plays a sexy slut trying to get the “son”, Eric John to marry her. But he’s ready to marry another girl. So Sandra goes all out to give Eric every sexual fantasy possible to entice him. She even goes so far as to include Eric’s “father”, Harry Grey in the sex play. Fucking, sucking, eating pussy, double penetration, spit roasting, cumshots it’s all here, on the couch. A true fuckfest.

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Father Son Slut 1-2 “Rack Squirt” starring Sandra Luberc

Sandra Luberc, the “slut” wants Eric John, the “son” to marry her. Sandra entices him with sexual fantasies and includes Harry Grey, the “father” hoping he’ll help. . After a fuckfest on the living room couch Eric takes Sandra upstairs. But not to bed. She’s put on a rack with wrists and ankles attached. While Harry flogs her, Eric licks her cunt, fingers her and uses a vibrator on her clit. Sandra gets so excited that she squirts all over his face. From here Eric and Harry take Sandra into the bedroom for a final round of fucking Sandra in every hole until eventually Eric cums on her.

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“Naughty French Maid” starring Sarah Lace

Sarah Lace is a sexy Latina girl working as a French maid at a local hotel during a business convention. She’s been taking advantage of the conventioneers while cleaning their rooms. That is, until two guys forget their folio and notice there’s some money missing. They confront Sarah, find the missing cash in her bra then punish her for stealing. Fucking and flogging, paddling and spanking, poor Sarah, she got a lot more than she expected.

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