Lexi Jordan

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De Sade Club 6-1 “Blowjob” starring Lexi Jordan

Although this is Lexi Jordan’s second porn film she completes more “firsts” than many actresses ever do. The video starts with Lexi talking to Prof Harry Grey about joining the De Sade Club.  Her first task is to get on her knees and give Harry a blowjob. Which she does with aplomb. A cock sucking, dick licking, luscious blowjob. Which excites Harry to the point he tells her to bend over the couch so he can fuck her. He doesn’t even undress her. Just lifts her skirt and pulls her panties down and fucks her standing doggy style. Eventually he takes her panties off, sits on the couch while Lexi fucks him cowgirl style, then reverse cowgirl and finally on her side with a leg in the air. It’s a sexual feast for Harry.

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De Sade Club 6-2 “First Anal” starring Lexi Jordan

Into the bedroom where the action gets hot. Prof Harry Grey undresses Lexi Jordan then sits on the bed while she gives him a deepthroat blowjob. It gets darker as Harry puts a collar around her neck and cuffs on her wrists. Harry bends her over the bed and ties ropes to her cuffs to stretch her out. Lubing a finger Harry penetrates Lexi’s tight anus to both lube her and open her up. Then he uses a medium anal plug and fucks her at the same time. Now a large anal plug gets inserted in her ass and Harry once more fucks her at the same time. With her anus opened and lubed Harry slowly thrusts his cock deep inside Lexi’s tight little asshole as she grimaces in pain. To add to her misery Harry flogs her ass turning it a bright pink just like the anal plugs. To Lexi’s relief Harry eventually pulls out of her ass and switches to her cunt where he deposits a cum load inside her. Sweet.

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De Sade Club 6-3 “Edge Play” starring Lexi Jordan

Following Lexi Jordan’s first anal experience Prof Harry Grey moves her to a suspension rig. Her wrist cuffs are hooked to ropes then her arms pulled overhead. Harry starts with pleasure using a bullet vibrator on her clitoris but adds pain with sharp paddles to her ass. After some hard hits get Lexi’s attention Harry lowers her arms and bends her over a bench. Tieing her collar to the bench he raises her arms behind her. Stepping behind her Harry fucks her doggy style and adds flogging then paddling to the mix. Stepping back a bit Harry uses a Hitachi vibrator on her cunt, legs and clit but continues with the sharp paddling. Changing pace, Harry kneels down and enjoys the sweet taste of Lexi’s cunt before fucking her once more. To finish Harry releases Lexi’s wrists, lays her on her back on the bench, fucks her to his climax and leaves a creampie that dribbles out of her cunt and down past her anus. A nice finish to Lexi’s test.

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