Mel Tina

De Sade Club 7

De Sade Club 7–1 “Shower Time” starring Mel Tina

Episode 1 of a multi-part series starring Mel Tina as she seeks to join “The De Sade Club”. Starting in the master bathroom Mel bends over the bathtub and gets hard fucked doggy style. That is followed by a deepthroat blowjob with Mel choking and gagging. Next she steps into the tub, kneels on the floor and waits for Prof Harry Grey’s delicious, golden shower flowing onto her face, into her mouth, over her tits and down her body. Not enough? Mel takes an anal syringe up her ass filling her rectum just to humiliate her. After squatting and voiding into the tub Mel is instructed to clean up the enema fluid and piss before she’s allowed to take a slow, erotic, shower and clean up herself.

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