Sarah Lace


The Naughty French Maid starring Sarah Lace

Sarah Lace is a sexy Latina girl working as a French maid at a local hotel during a business convention. She’s been taking advantage of the conventioneers while cleaning their rooms. That is, until two guys forget their folio and notice there’s some money missing. They confront Sarah, find the missing cash in her bra then punish her for stealing. Fucking and flogging, paddling and spanking, poor Sarah, she got a lot more than she expected.

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Professor and Coeds 1-1 “Couch Fuck” with Sarah Lace & Chanel Skye

Prof Eric John and Prof Harry Grey discuss two girls who need help to pass Eric’s course. Eric gets a “TA” to help Chanel and Sarah get some extra credit. But there’s no scholastic option. Instead the TA starts with a blowjob from the girls then fucks them on the couch. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and more even as the girls do each other. It’s so hot the TA cums on Sarah’s back. When Eric joins in with the TA the action gets even hotter. Eric fucks both girls, goes down on them, makes a coed sandwich fucking one then the other and back again. A total fuck zone. Until Harry shows up and takes Chanel upstairs for her shower leaving Eric to continue punishing Sarah.

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Professor and Coeds 1-2 “Bedroom Fuck” with Sarah Lace & Chanel Skye

Sarah and Chanel are college students asking their Professor, along with the Dean & TA, for help to pass his course. The girls were fucked hard in the living room and privately in separate rooms. Now with the girls bent over the bed, the Dean goes from girl to girl, ass to cunt, fucking and flogging them both. Then the Professor joins in and eventually ends up cumming on the girls followed by the TA who does the same thing. They still don’t pass.

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Professor and Coeds 1-3 “Professor John Does Sarah” starring Sarah Lace

Sarah is one of two coeds seeking help from her Professor to pass his course. She’s been fucked hard already and Chanel is upstairs so now it’s just her and the Professor. She asks for extra credit and he says “yes, but she has to earn it”. Starting with an “oral report” Sarah does cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, anal cowgirl, then fucking anal to vagina and back again. Finally the Professor drops a big cum load on her. Not sure if she got extra credit.

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 Garage BDSM 1-1 “On the Bench” starring Sarah Lace

 Wearing just a T-shirt, socks and shoes Sarah is restrained with leather cuffs on wrists and ankles. She is bent over a bench with arms raised behind her and a spreader bar on her ankles. For over 20 minutes straight she is fucked in every hole while being spanked, paddled or flogged. From anal to vagina to mouth and back again, Sarah gets every hole plugged while being paddled and flogged to the point of welts on her back and ass. Yum.

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